The universe works!

Back when I was first starting this blog I found this nut tray. After I kicked myself for not buying it and the next time I was in, it was gone.

Life moved on and I found another item from the line at another store.

A candle holder but I use it as a pen holder. He was $1.99.

Yesterday on my rounds I was just on my way out the door when down way low on a shelf was this!

I grabbed it so fast and ran to the check out in case someone stole it from my hands.

The sticker said it was priced on 04/14/10 so someone had bought it and it made its way back to the same store. It was $5.99 ($2 more than before) but the universe returned it so I could buy it and I couldn’t pass it by.

Now if only the universe would do its magic with some other stuff I “need”.


One thought on “The universe works!

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