The illogical end

Everyone has seen the crochet Barbie toilet paper cover doll and pretty much everyone has seen the Barbie birthday cake. Thing is, both of those have a function of a sort. I can’t puzzle out the function of this.

A poof just to be poof fashion doll. To appreciate it, I think you have to see this:

The under after taking the doll out. It’s a round of card stock paper with a tube for the doll to stand in stuffed with cotton batting.

I will sit back while you take that in. All that work for a poof.

Of course, you can use your mad crochet skillz to go seasonal

Since she still has the tape on her head, I’m going to doubt she ever saw any display poor girl.

After you’ve done a few practice dolls, you are ready for the big time, REAL Barbie!

I worry about the world sometimes.

Green girl and Mrs Claus were $5.00 each but the great and powerful Barbie was $8.00. (all in the same store)


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