To clear this up

It has come to my attention that sometimes people like the stuff I’m making fun of here.



Someone has to or this whole second hand store idea would be a bust.

I’ve posted things I like too. Remember him?

He lives in my bathroom now.

Thing is, I’m the one going out and taking pictures (and the risk of being banned from “my stores”) so I get to make the decisions on what goes up and what doesn’t.

It’s all in fun. I’m not coming into your house and making fun of your stuff. It’s at the second hand store for you to find just as much as it is for me. Sure you probably don’t go to the same stores as I do but I’m sure your local store is full to overflowing with stuff I need, want and can’t live without so it all works out in the end.

I’m going to link this with my FAQ which I thought answered this complaint but with way fewer words.

And now for another favourite of mine, jogging clown!

Thank you.


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