My mother collects many things. One of them is Snowbabies by Dept 56. She has 3 big display pieces full and others scattered around the house. She likes them and they give her something to do. We aren’t allowed to touch. They are pure white, the light was weird at my mom’s house.

When a collectible line is popular up crops fakes. Real ones really are expensive (at least $20 for the simplest single baby) and there is a market for less expensive copies I suppose.

Going to the stores I see a lot. These are all faux (as we call the fake babies)

Excellent one actually but the nubbins aren’t quite there and the eyes aren’t painted.

Ohh sparkles. Real Snowbabies don’t sparkle (something they have in common with real vampires)

Proportions are a tad off.

This was actually sorta neat (and gone with I was in this store today) but faux. I liked the cheap jewels stuck into the head.

Anyway, it is another one of those “like what you like” things. Who can say why nubbin covered snowsuitted figurines of children from one company is better than another nubbin covered snowsuitted figurine.


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