I’ve finally done it

I hate to be repetitive but you know the pig series thing I’ve got going on? I promised a surprise in my last post on the topic. Well, In the past few weeks I’ve done something about it…. I’ve bought not one but two!

Meet Hammy.

Obviously he is a HAMburger. Oh my did I laugh when I saw this one. I had to. Really I did.

THEN last week I was out and guess who I found?

He doesn’t have a name yet. I suspect he is to go in a potted plant since he looked rather dirty minded. Here is another angle:

I love him.

They are both signed but I can’t find anything related to the signature “G Rant” Hammy is ’91 and dirty pig is ’83.

$4.00 & $4.99


2 thoughts on “I’ve finally done it

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