Let it snow

I know people all over have had snow days in the past few weeks. We haven’t but I would really love one (please)

Now, I present snowmen.

There are tons of snow folk in the stores right now.

I’ve actually had this in the files for a while. It is a 2 wick candle and I owned the exact same one many years ago. Got it as a teacher gift.

Here we have an example of arts and crafts gone amuck.

It is, at its base, a paving stone. A little paint and some snowman artifacts and there you have it.

I really like this guy

I love the mirror and spring hat.

My mom decorates with snowmen in January but I don’t have it in me to decorate for anything so I don’t.

$1.99 (as you can see) to $5.99


Merry Christmas. Like this? Tell me!


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