Happy Fun Times 2010

Here is my end of the year post.  I have no scientific way of counting these so just my judgement has been used in pulling these.

Everyone knows Jogging Clown and Pervert Pig

When my sister calls my phone, work out pig is the picture on screen

and if you know me, you know my adoration of Denture Couple and soul stealing owl

(all of which I wish I had bought!) But what about the lesser seen gang.

Orange Mama Horse

Herpes Frog

Centerfold Franklin

Fancy Frog Lady got lots of attention from a message board in Norway.

Who wouldn’t love Pom Pom Shell Hobo Clown?

Patty said she liked the salt and peppers. I don’t know which ones she means so here is a cute one.

I have bought things.

Cat Mug lives with my grandmother.

Pinecone Elves lives on a shelf in my hall(along with a candle holder version and a piggy bank version)

00Frog is on that same shelf


I have entertained myself over the last year and I hope I’ve entertained anyone reading. Drop me a note or comment if I’ve missed any of your favourites!



3 thoughts on “Happy Fun Times 2010

  1. I laughed about the fancy frog lady getting lots of attention from Norway and wondered which message board and why -then I suddenly realised that I posted that link to the message board… 😉

    • I thank you for posting the link HildeSol. It was fun to see the link in my stats and to go use my little bit of Norwegian to try and read it all (until I used my Chrome translator)

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