Princess Anne

The first child of Queen Elizabeth to get married was her only daughter Princess Anne. She married Mark Phillips on November 14, 1973. I wasn’t around (I was born in 1974) but it was big news apparently.

I have a few items about that wedding but only one has come from second hand shopping. My sister found this mug one day and bought it for me. I was thrilled and she said that she would have saved it for a birthday or Christmas gift if she had known.

My other mug is what prompted me to post this today. It was shown in the current issue of Majesty magazine. I got it last summer from a lady who knew I collected royal called me and I went around and bought several things from her.

It’s giant. About double the size of a normal mug.

There were the obligatory books. This is the only one I have though. A gift from my sister via e-bay.

And there was a stamp! Another e-bay gift.

Princess Anne (now the Princess Royal) and Mark Phillips had 2 children, Peter and Zara, before they divorced in 1992. Peter married Autumn Kelly (A Canadian) in 2008 and they have a baby, Savannah. Zara is due to marry Mike Tindall on July 30, 2011.


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