Parents of the Groom.

It is almost time for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. This has to be the biggest royal collectible event since July 29, 1981. If that date sounds familiar, it was the wedding day of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.

I have had to be selective about that wedding. There are people who only collect it and there is tons. I suppose my views on Diana have kept me away. I generally go for the “not everywhere” things.

I did have to have mugs of course.

It is actually part of a set the same shape put out at the same time with pictures of  George VI, George V and Edward VI on them.

These are pretty much a dime a dozen.

There are also plates but the only one I have now is a dresser charger

Then there are the books and magazines. Oh the books and magazines! I can’t photograph all the ones I have (and I have to say, I sold/gave away a TON when I moved). I did keep this one.

(mom bought it at a thrift store for me).

I also totally needed to keep this. A cassette recording of the wedding ceremony.

I also have a half full match book that came to me somehow

and a leather bookmark. I note that there is one for William and Catherine along the same lines. (love that blog!)

And now I have to come to probably my favourite item post 1960 in my collection. My garbage can. I got this for Christmas one year and adore it.

What could be more symbolic?


I can’t leave this without sharing my other Charles wedding piece, my Charles and Camilla wedding plate from April 9, 2005.


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