Anyone want a quickie?

As with any event, everyone wants to be first to spread the news. In collectibles, everyone wants to be the first to have their items on the market. It is why you saw William and Catherine books in the stores a week after the engagement announcement (the books were on the presses just waiting for dates and pictures) and how we will probably see a wedding book in the next 2 weeks.

When it comes to babies it is a little bit more difficult since you don’t have the exact date of birth and gender beforehand. (let along name) Royal Albert got around this in 1984 by producing this mug.

I have a feeling this was produced before September 15, 1984….Note the lack of gender, birth date and name. (Henry Charles Albert David – you’d know him as Prince Harry)

I love it and do own it now. Mom told me about it but she felt it was too much to spend on a mug but I have to question how many opportunities I would get to own this so I went and bought it.



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