Pine cone gnomes

Anyone who has been following this blog since the beginning (or has read back back back) knows of my obsession with this guy:


A nut tray with this weirdly adorable gnome. Then I found a piggy bank and a votive candle holder in the same line. 


Just after Christmas my mother told me she saw more at a hardware store in their Christmas merchandise. It’s not thrift but I had hit the mother load and bought  bought bought!


2 more banks (they came in a set of 2) for $3.99


a napkin holder ($2.99)


napkin ring ($0.79)


crystal bowl ($8.99)(but I needed it!)


cheese and cracker set. ($12.99)(I had to think on it but I’m happy with my buying decision)

Weird thing is, they came in plain cardboard boxes and there is no sign of any maker mark or even a distributor! If anyone knows about these guys, I’d be grateful for any info.


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