Seat belt purse

In 2008 my sister and I went to a show in Toronto. At the show, a girl near me had a purse made out of woven seat belts and I fell in LOVE. I decided there and then that I needed one. Being me, I wasn’t going to pay a lot of money for one. (I’ve seen them online for waaaaaaay more than I’d ever spend.) I put it on my thrift wish list.

Onward to 2013, we were doing a weekend road trip to 2 CMT Hit List shows in 2 nights 300 kms apart. We thrifted all along the way making some great buys. One store we stopped at had a traumatic memory for me since several years ago I slammed my finger in the car door and I didn’t get to shop because I had to get ice at the sub shop next door. It has redeemed itself 1000 fold now. I bought a great hoodie that is my favourite now, 3 pillow cases that are on my bed right now and a SEAT BELT PURSE!

I swear I had to sit down when I found it.


I had imagined a solid colour and it isn’t quite my style with 2 zippered pockets (I like a single bucket opening style) but I needed it.

It was $9.99, more than I like to spend for a purse but I needed it.

I got over the money and I put rarely used stuff in one pocket and keep it zipped and use the other for my wallet, eReader, keys, etc.

Fast forward a month or so and I’m on a thrift shop. In a store where I’ve found some great stuff in the past guess what I found on the purse rack?


Crazy or what?

I called my sister and said “Remember my seat belt purse? I just found another one!” We laughed and I asked if she wanted it. It isn’t quite her style either but is her style enough that she said yes. We’re twins so twin bags are good in our books. Hers was $12.99.

When I got to the checkout the cashier noticed that I was buying the exact same purse so I had to tell her this whole story. If you think I’m gushy now, imagine what I was like on the day?


Every time I pick up my seat belt purse it makes me happy and that is what thrift should do.

$9.99 & $12.99.


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