Flat Personality

I have hosted a few Flat Stanleys in my day. I live close to Niagara Falls and we have a set picture schedule we do.  I think I’ve met his match.

20140519 003

He is rubbery and it says Made in Canada on the back. Other than that no other identifiers. Kinda looks like a Campbell’s Soup Kid though right?

Doesn’t much look like Flat Stanley? Maybe a profile shot.

20140519 004

I had to buy him. (and those plates in the cart beside him) Not sure what I’m going to do with him or where he’ll live but seriously, I had to.




Been and while eh? I haven’t been out shopping like I used to and just plain old blah. I thought about you lots though!

Today I bought something that made me need to post. You know my obsession with these clay pigs! (and again I link) well, I bought a little slider one!

I had to. Really really had to! Right now they are sitting with the little one on top of the big one. I love them.

big -$4.99
little -$1.99