A trip down memory lane.

For our second Christmases, my sister and I got rag dolls. One was pink and white check and the other was purple and white check.

They were loved by us and many other children who came to our house. They have had a retirement of mostly sitting on chairs in our living room then my dining room.

In 2011, mom and I were thrifting and found a yellow one! She came home and joined her sisters on the dining room chair.

Told you pink and purple were loved.

Online research turned out they were put out by Hasbro in 1973 under the Romper Room brand and called Sweet Dreams. Their names were Annabel, Amanda and Abigail and that there was a brother named Alfie.

Of course I needed him but the prices on eBay were beyond my cheapness so he remained on the need list.

A few weeks ago the dolls came up in conversation and I looked again and found one in my price range. (Single digit vs triple digits!) I bought him and turns out he is a little brother. I fell in love instantly.

We went to my parents house on the way home from work and mom loved him. We then went home and he met his sisters.


I have finished up a collection I never thought I needed but I did and I couldn’t be happier.


Who Are You?

Oh me oh my.  This little guy is metal and a little off centre.

He is leaning to the left. I don’t know what to say about it exactly but look at the eyes.

I was using this as my facebook picture.

If they weren’t pointing in different directions they’d probably be trying to steal your soul.



From the “I own this” file. I collect royal items and this was put out for Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. I’ve never been able to figure anything out about it beyond just its look. It’s just amazing.

Yes, that is supposed to be Queen Elizabeth. Now do you know why I call this “Ugly Plate”. I don’t have it on display but love showing it to people and having them humour me about my wonderful things.

I did buy it at second hand on my way to a meeting several years ago. I don’t buy most 1977 things but this was too good to pass up.

price forgotten

Owl be seeing you

The 1970s was a confusing time I’m told. Decor was, to say the least, strange. Its best to forget and move on but occasionally, it shows up in our favourite stores.

A mirror with an owl painted on it. How exactly would someone use a mirror with an owl painted on it? Its a poderable.


What time is it?

Everyone needs to know what time it is. These days most check on the hand held mobile device or on the computer screen but a nice clock on the wall is always a safe decor choice.

Or not.

This seems to be a ceramics project so not mass produced for sale but the face that it was even made is concerning.