Summer is coming!?

It is snowing here! Again. But we can dream of summer and picnics.

Look at the cute hot dog hotdog holders.


What to add to the table? A hamburger condiment holder! It has 3 compartments.


Adam and Eve were here

In some religious it is common to have Biblical items used in decoration in the house.  You often see Noah’s Arks, nativity sets and the odd Mary. Rarely have I seen Adam and Eve. And what an Adam and Eve.



Yes, the black bar was necessary.  She has pearl earrings on and he has a club behind his back.

When I say its hard to shock me while thrifting, I didn’t mean it as a challenge. I was in the aisle behind chatting with someone for a bit and every single person stopped for a second to look at these.

$5.99 each


I’m not going to bore us both with apologies about not posting in forever. I know, I suck. (I do have another blog! The Good Enough Crafter) The universe has been telling me to post so here it is.

This made me laugh when I saw it. Not my grandmother (she doesn’t drink alcohol) but it reminds me of a lot of my friend’s grandmothers.




Been and while eh? I haven’t been out shopping like I used to and just plain old blah. I thought about you lots though!

Today I bought something that made me need to post. You know my obsession with these clay pigs! (and again I link) well, I bought a little slider one!

I had to. Really really had to! Right now they are sitting with the little one on top of the big one. I love them.

big -$4.99
little -$1.99 

The complaints department

I’m in Canada and when you think of Canada what do you think of? Placid cute beavers. This isn’t one of them.

I was so in love with this guy. He reminded me of something out of a political cartoon. I carried him around the store for a while but didn’t buy him in the end. It was a close call but I couldn’t justify him. Of course now I wish I had.


Through the Donation Box

It doesn’t have the same ring as “Through the Looking Glass” but on a recent trip to the thrift store I found the White Rabbit and March Hare sitting side by side on the figurine shelf. The White Rabbit is my second favourite Alice character so he caught my eye.

They seem to be ceramic projects of some sort.

Then I went to the toy section and who do I find? The White Rabbit and Mad Hatter.

They each still have their tags from Walt Disney World. I gave serious thought to bringing the White Rabbit home but I’m leery of plush stuff these days.

I wonder if they all came from the same home.

$5.99 for figurines

$2.99 for plushes