Something for everyone!

I still find things when I go out thrifting but I’m just really bad a blogging. Sorry.

My sister was out shopping today and found this little gem. I am trying to figure out the exact circumstances that lead to something like this being made. Who knows but they were clearly epic.


And all for $4.99


Happy Fun Times 2010

Here is my end of the year post.  I have no scientific way of counting these so just my judgement has been used in pulling these.

Everyone knows Jogging Clown and Pervert Pig

When my sister calls my phone, work out pig is the picture on screen

and if you know me, you know my adoration of Denture Couple and soul stealing owl

(all of which I wish I had bought!) But what about the lesser seen gang.

Orange Mama Horse

Herpes Frog

Centerfold Franklin

Fancy Frog Lady got lots of attention from a message board in Norway.

Who wouldn’t love Pom Pom Shell Hobo Clown?

Patty said she liked the salt and peppers. I don’t know which ones she means so here is a cute one.

I have bought things.

Cat Mug lives with my grandmother.

Pinecone Elves lives on a shelf in my hall(along with a candle holder version and a piggy bank version)

00Frog is on that same shelf


I have entertained myself over the last year and I hope I’ve entertained anyone reading. Drop me a note or comment if I’ve missed any of your favourites!


A thrift store Christmas

As my family was opening presents today I realized that I got all 4 members of my immediate family something second-hand! Not their main big gift but the extras.

My brother-in-law got a penny bank covered in the logo for his favourite team

My sister got a bear for her collection of Lucy & Me bears.

My mom got a teapot ornament

My dad got a Flintstones picture frame and a M&Ms mini fooseball table.

I of course got a few second-hand items. Bumble and Clover hedgehogs shelf, candle holder and cream/sugar set, a mini-tea set of hedgehogs and some royal items.

Its all in the thrill of the hunt I think. You never know what you are going to find when it comes to collections.

shelf (I’m told the missing peg is somewhere in the house)

For all your out of date pop culture needs

Sorry, been icky sick and didn’t feel like being funny.

That didn’t stop me from going out blog picture looking though.

Something you realize while wandering though thrift stores, it is a fascinating social history. You know what is “out” with the kids by what starts showing up in the stores. The toys and games area and the stationary area in particular. Camp Rock and High School Musical most recently. Tons of Lizzie McGuire from a previous generation. Pokemon has been hot for a long time but it still shows up.

This display just made me laugh. At least 20 bags of N*Sync and Spice  Girls post cards.

Exactly what one needs for their bedroom walls.

$1.99 each (for about 6 cards)

What happens in Vegas…

It is a saying and a concept as old as the hills. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Usually with monkeys doing it but frogs have been known to do it.

All of these pictures on this post were taken in the same store. Makes me wonder if they came from the same home.

Classic monkey form.

With the saying on it.

Then the Vegas version. Gotta wonder what the 4th guy represents.

Also note, none of the pictures have the monkeys in the same order.

$3.99 each.