Summer is coming!?

It is snowing here! Again. But we can dream of summer and picnics.

Look at the cute hot dog hotdog holders.


What to add to the table? A hamburger condiment holder! It has 3 compartments.


A trip down memory lane.

For our second Christmases, my sister and I got rag dolls. One was pink and white check and the other was purple and white check.

They were loved by us and many other children who came to our house. They have had a retirement of mostly sitting on chairs in our living room then my dining room.

In 2011, mom and I were thrifting and found a yellow one! She came home and joined her sisters on the dining room chair.

Told you pink and purple were loved.

Online research turned out they were put out by Hasbro in 1973 under the Romper Room brand and called Sweet Dreams. Their names were Annabel, Amanda and Abigail and that there was a brother named Alfie.

Of course I needed him but the prices on eBay were beyond my cheapness so he remained on the need list.

A few weeks ago the dolls came up in conversation and I looked again and found one in my price range. (Single digit vs triple digits!) I bought him and turns out he is a little brother. I fell in love instantly.

We went to my parents house on the way home from work and mom loved him. We then went home and he met his sisters.


I have finished up a collection I never thought I needed but I did and I couldn’t be happier.

Royal wedding books

Have you been in the book store lately? Tons of books for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. It seems there has been tons of ink (real and virtual) spilled on this wedding.

Lets hop into the way back machine and find out what went down in 1947 when a beautiful young princess married a handsome Naval Lieutenant.

I don’t remember where I got this but I swooned a little.

The same author wrote the Silver Anniversary book for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1948.

I know I got this at a charity book sale for less than $1.00

I don’t have pictures of the covers because I find the title pages cooler. They are both blue cloth and both are missing the dust jackets.

Happy Fun Times 2010

Here is my end of the year post.  I have no scientific way of counting these so just my judgement has been used in pulling these.

Everyone knows Jogging Clown and Pervert Pig

When my sister calls my phone, work out pig is the picture on screen

and if you know me, you know my adoration of Denture Couple and soul stealing owl

(all of which I wish I had bought!) But what about the lesser seen gang.

Orange Mama Horse

Herpes Frog

Centerfold Franklin

Fancy Frog Lady got lots of attention from a message board in Norway.

Who wouldn’t love Pom Pom Shell Hobo Clown?

Patty said she liked the salt and peppers. I don’t know which ones she means so here is a cute one.

I have bought things.

Cat Mug lives with my grandmother.

Pinecone Elves lives on a shelf in my hall(along with a candle holder version and a piggy bank version)

00Frog is on that same shelf


I have entertained myself over the last year and I hope I’ve entertained anyone reading. Drop me a note or comment if I’ve missed any of your favourites!