Why are you making fun of poor people?

1- I am poor.

2- I’m not making fun of poor people. No comments on the essentials of life, no one needs an ugly clock or Charles and Diana garbage can, I’m passing comment on wacky/ugly/dangerous/WTF stuff.

My mother/aunt/grandmother/family member had that!

Not a question, a statement but in any event, good for them. My family has all sorts of stuff too. Some would deserve to be here.

Where are you finding this stuff?

Some I own (see people buy this stuff) and some I take pictures of in the stores. I love second hand shopping and I always have a camera on me so its a part of my life.

No, what stores?

I’m not going to be sharing that beyond saying second hand stores. There are many different ones out there, mostly related to charities. Some are well known “brands” and others are just local places. There may be the odd one from a jumble sale but since I’m starting this in January, not very likely.